Give up coffee is a SMART new year’s resolution

Now is a great opportunity to start the year positively and make one of your resolutions to quit coffee.

New Year’s resolutions get a bad rap because people often set themselves something vague (eg. ‘eat healthily’) or may not be the best timing (eg. ‘get fit’ when it’s the coldest time of the year).

By contrast, quitting coffee fits all the SMART characteristics (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timing). SMART is an acronym that which helps to define important features when setting goals. If the goal has all these characteristics then you have a chance of being successful at it.

This is how giving up coffee can be seen as a SMART goal.

Specific – There is no ambiguity here. Either you give up coffee completely or you don’t.

Measurable – You can easily measure your progress (by counting the decreasing amount of cups per day you are having), and identify when you hit your target (zero cups per day).

Attainable – It may not always feel like that, but this is mostly due to psychological and physical barriers, that get easier as you progress.

Realistic – Giving up coffee is a realistic resolution for anybody. There is no absolutely no reason why everyone can’t be successful.

Timely – Any time is good to give up, but new year’s is particularly good because you and your friends are used to resolutions that improve your lifestyle, so you will get more support.

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