Giving up coffee was “one of the best things I did in 2011”

In her blog, Giant Panda says that giving up coffee was one of the best things she did in 2011. After 5-7 days of migraine headaches, eye pain, and gastro-intestinal symptoms, she says it took more than to feel better due to the caffeine withdrawal. Over this time the body was searching out cells to pull the toxic substance back into circulation.

Once the withdrawal was over she didn’t looked back. Some of the benefits included:

  • Saving $15 per week ($780 per year)
  • Not being a slave to making or finding coffee (however bad  the coffee) first thing in the morning
  • Not needing to run to restrooms so often
  • Not feeling so dehydryated

Giant Panda has obviously spent some time researching coffee’s effects, and while there is a great deal of coverage on coffee’s alleged benefits, there are many alleged (but unsourced) negatives that don’t get reported as much, such as:

  • Caffeine reducing benefits of vitamins and nutrients
  • Coffee can interfere with glucose levels

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