You won’t miss coffee as much as you think

Shavonne at Lovin the healthy life has a great inspirational post written one week after giving up coffee.

The method she used, which is one we very much agree with, was to cut down to one per day before giving up completely.

She lists some of the key benefits:

  • More Awake in the Morning! – I don’t feel like I need a cup of coffee to wake me up anymore, I rise out of bed and get on with my day. I like being in control of my day instead of coffee controlling me!
  • I’m calmer! I am not a naturally calm person, I am known to be a little on the hyper side with a tendency to stress about the little things. Since no caffeine I feel like my brain has slowed down a bit and I can think quite clearly. I feel very relaxed actually. I read a book for 6 hours this past Sunday, can’t remember the last time I’ve done that!
  • I’m an efficiency machine! Not that I always haven’t been, but I seem to procrastinate less and I am getting stuff done! We will see how long this lasts
  • I don’t miss it as much as I thought I would?! Sure I miss it, and when I smell it I could almost be persuaded to have a cup, but once I get on with my day I hardly notice it’s gone!

That last one was what held me back so long for years. I just loved the taste, and was never strong enough to ignore the magical intoxicating smell. Even seeing someone carry a cup would get me salivating. That is just shocking thinking about it. It’s incredible that something like create such an addiction.

But like all addictions, it can be broken, and from outside their grip it can all look quite ridiculous in hindsight.


  1. I gave up coffee 5 days ago, I am super happy I quit, but I miss it a lot! I quit because I didn’t like that I always added Splenda and unhealthy additives to my drink. The first 2 days were hard, but now I am so bloated and gained 2 pounds!! Why?!!! Ugh… I want coffee now, lol 🙁

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