Fruity alternatives to starting the day

In the wonderfully named 30 Bananas a Day! forum there are a couple of great tips on fruity alternatives to your morning brew.

Lisa Dee recommends ‘starting with a cold glass of iced water and several bananas in the morning gives me my pickup – – I actually look forward to it now – as much as I used to to my coffee.  Also, I imagined to myself that the coffee was coursing through my system making it toxic and undoing all the good the HCLFRV regime was doing for me.  That seemed to do the trick.”

PK says to ‘eat mono breakfasts of oranges for a few days.  If that does not work, eat oranges for lunch.  It was my personal experience that while I did orange island, I actually had an aversion to coffee and no longer wanted it as well a little or no headache. If you do experience detox symptoms like runny nose and headache, a few of our members had good results chugging on water and drinking close to a gallon at a time.’

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