How to give up coffee

The following articles will give you some tips and techniques on how to quit coffee. Don’t underestimate how hard it can be. Giving up coffee is like giving up any drug, such as smoking or alcohol. There are many different approaches from gradually weaning yourself off to going cold turkey.

Whichever way you do it – remember it is completely possible. Once you’ve given up you, you’ll see what it is like to jump out of bed without your caffeine hit, and have clearer thoughts and stable energy throughout the day.

Set out below are all articles explaining How to give up coffee.

Fruity alternatives to starting the day

In the wonderfully named 30 Bananas a Day! forum there are a couple of great tips on fruity alternatives to your morning brew. Lisa Dee recommends ‘starting with a cold glass of iced water and several bananas in the morning gives me my pickup – – I actually look forward to it now – as much as I […]

9 drinks that help when giving up coffee

Body+soul magazine has great suggestions for 9 drinks that can help when giving up coffee. Some will help combat dips in energy and headaches that you may experience while giving up, while others such as green tea and liquorice tea will help promote calmness. Oolong tea Rosemary tea

Give up coffee for Lent

If the thought of giving up coffee forever is too scary then why not give it up just for Lent? Many Christians make a personal sacrifice by abstaining from something for the 40 days prior to Easter. According to three of the gospels, Jesus spent forty days fasting in the desert before the beginning of […]

Jerry Seinfeld’s secret for sticking to something

Jerry Seinfeld once gave a great motivational tip on how to stick to something. When he was a fledgling comic he would sometimes feel making little progress, but knew that he had to stick to writing jokes every day, day-in day-out.

Going cold turkey: headaches but ‘most definitely’ worth it

Scott Longden is from Melbourne, Australia and on a journey ‘from Fatman to Ironman’. He is in the process of ‘removing the crap’ from his diet, so decided to give up coffee. The trigger was when he couldn’t have his normal daily routine of around 5 cups and had a massive headache by the end […]

Quit coffee when you are recovering from illness or surgery

Henrik Edberg had a novel way of giving up coffee. He decided to do it when he was bedridden with a nasty cold.

Giving up coffee was “one of the best things I did in 2011”

In her blog, Giant Panda says that giving up coffee was one of the best things she did in 2011.

Alternatives to Coffee: Yerba mate

Yerba mate is a plant that is native to South America where it is a popular beverage. The leaves contain caffeine and it’s prepared by steeping dry leaves in hot (rather than boiling) water. In some regions it is also drunk cold.

Give up coffee for 30 days

This is a great (and short) talk by Matt Cutts from Google where he talks about a great approach to cultivating bad habits. Just try something for 30 days. The thinking is that it’s a short enough time that it’s not overwhelming, but long enough to appreciate, and potentially extend, the new behaviour.

Giving up coffee is easier than we imagine

In the low-carber forum, Nancy LC describes how she had been imagining who completely awful The Day That She Gave Up Coffee would be, but in the end the reality was about 30 seconds of thinking about it. Sure, she had made it easier by gradually cutting down, but it’s a good illustration that this […]