How to give up coffee

The following articles will give you some tips and techniques on how to quit coffee. Don’t underestimate how hard it can be. Giving up coffee is like giving up any drug, such as smoking or alcohol. There are many different approaches from gradually weaning yourself off to going cold turkey.

Whichever way you do it – remember it is completely possible. Once you’ve given up you, you’ll see what it is like to jump out of bed without your caffeine hit, and have clearer thoughts and stable energy throughout the day.

Set out below are all articles explaining How to give up coffee.

5 ways to stay alert without coffee has a great list of ways to remain energetic and alert without coffee: 1. A low starch diet2. Eat small meals throughout the day3. Start your day with an enzymatic fruit.4. The Power of H2O5. Avoid sugary snacks

43 Things helps you give up coffee

43 Things is a fantastic site that helps you set and share goals, and work with others to achieve them. You can get advice from others who have already achieved that goal, or get the support of a members of a community who are in a similar position. The page for ‘give up coffee’ currently […]

How to Quit a Bad Habit

Lifehack has some great tips on How to Quit a Bad Habit. It explores how the idea of quitting itself makes it hard alone, and there are many mind games we play with ourselves before we commit to a course of action.

Napping is more effective than caffeine

The New York Times reports of a study of 61 people, where those who took a 2-hour afternoon nap did better at repeating verbal, perception, and motor-skill tests than those given caffeine or a placebo. Those who had caffeine had worse motor skills than those who napped or had a placebo. In the perceptual task, […]

Half and half

The Style And Beauty Doctor has a tip for weaning yourself off in their article about The Sleep Diet: If you’re a die-hard coffee addict, cutting yourself off at 2:30 P.M. may seem cruel and unnecessary, but trust the experts here – caffeine does affect your sleep in subtle ways, even if you can’t feel […]