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Quit coffee to avoid diabetes

On Diabetes Health, Lynn Cuny talks about some of the changes she has made to her diet to ward off diabetes. Due to her American Indian genes and predisposition she was more susceptible to diabetes but she promised her uncle, who had diabetes, that she would do everything she could to avoid diabetes. She always […]

Caffeine Blues

If you really want to know more about caffeine from a nutritional perspective, there are few higher rated books on the subject that Caffeine Blues, written by nutritional biochemist Stephen Cherniske. Cherniske claims that people who consume more than 300 milligrams of caffeine per day are victims of caffeinism: a state of chronic toxicity resulting […]

Diabetics urged to cut out coffee

The National Health Service site in the UK has a story about how a new study has urged Diabetes sufferers to quit coffee. The story was also covered by a number of newspapers in the UK. The newspaper reports that an American study has shown that “a daily dose of caffeine raises blood sugar by […]