There are many ways that coffee affects productivity. While a common view is that caffeine can make us more alert and work faster, the truth is it makes us unfocused and ultimately more tired.

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Coffee and procrastination

In this video Kaitlyn Ernst gives a speech connecting caffeine consumption with procrastination. A recent poll (unsourced) suggested that 85-95% of American students procrastinate.

Insomnia costing US economy $63 billion per year

The Daily blog says that 23% of Americans suffer from insomnia, and this translates to $63 billion of lost productivity each year. An employee suffering from insomnia loses around 11 days a year in work — not because they call in sick, but because they don’t complete as much as they otherwise would. The loss […]

The best productivity tip ever

According to Nick Luft, if you’re looking for the silver bullet on how to be more effective, work efficiently and get things done, you can’t go past simply giving up coffee. Although he’d read loads of tips and tricks on how to stay focused, he still ‘felt buzzy and easily distracted’. And then I decided […]