Caffeine is a diuretic which can cause dehydration, and it is critical when consuming coffee that you drink enough water. Similarly, when giving up coffee, water is a good way to cope with the headaches that can be caused by caffeine withdrawal.

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5 ways to stay alert without coffee

Zen-tips.com has a great list of ways to remain energetic and alert without coffee: 1. A low starch diet2. Eat small meals throughout the day3. Start your day with an enzymatic fruit.4. The Power of H2O5. Avoid sugary snacks

43 Things helps you give up coffee

43 Things is a fantastic site that helps you set and share goals, and work with others to achieve them. You can get advice from others who have already achieved that goal, or get the support of a members of a community who are in a similar position. The page for ‘give up coffee’ currently […]