Reasons why you should give up coffee

The following articles list the benefits to giving up coffee. Coffee effects us physically, mentally and emotionally, but everyone has a slightly different experience.

Coffee is the world’s most popular psychoactive drug, but most people don’t know how much they are consuming. Caffeine in food and drinks is addictive yet completely unregulated, It is often hidden in food and drinks, yet contributes to palpitations, panic attacks, hypoglycemia, gastritis, fatigue, insomnia and PMS. We also need to understand the role of caffeine in cardiovascular disease, anxiety, depression, gastrointestinal disorders and women’s health.

There is often a caffeine connection to hyperactivity, learning and behaviour disorders, cancer, heart disease, ulcers, headaches, allergies, birth defects and more.

Set out below are all articles explaining Reasons why you should give up coffee.

How giving up coffee can make you a millionaire

Now this may sound a bit far-fetched, but believe me, the math on this adds up. This works by the magic of compound interest, whereby you reinvest your savings over a long period of time.

Coffee and procrastination

In this video Kaitlyn Ernst gives a speech connecting caffeine consumption with procrastination. A recent poll (unsourced) suggested that 85-95% of American students procrastinate.

Give up coffee is a SMART new year’s resolution

Quitting coffee fits all the SMART characteristics (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timing). SMART is an acronym that which helps to define important features when setting goals.

Coffee addiction in the 18th Century

Johann Sebastian Bach wrote a cantata called ‘Schweigt stille, plaudert nicht’ (Be still, stop chattering) around 1732.

Insomnia costing US economy $63 billion per year

The Daily blog says that 23% of Americans suffer from insomnia, and this translates to $63 billion of lost productivity each year. An employee suffering from insomnia loses around 11 days a year in work — not because they call in sick, but because they don’t complete as much as they otherwise would. The loss […]

Coffee is bad for men in stressful meetings

The British Psychological Society blog points to a study by Lindsay St. Claire and colleagues that suggests coffee is bad for men who are trying to collaborate or negotiate in stressful circumstances. The study found that the caffeine undermined their performance and confidence.

The best productivity tip ever

According to Nick Luft, if you’re looking for the silver bullet on how to be more effective, work efficiently and get things done, you can’t go past simply giving up coffee. Although he’d read loads of tips and tricks on how to stay focused, he still ‘felt buzzy and easily distracted’. And then I decided […]

Coffee linked to miscarriage

Although there is no link to the original source of the study, talks about how coffee significantly increases the risk of miscarriage: Are you aware of the scientific fact that drinking coffee before and during pregnancy doubles the risk of miscarriage? Studies have found that drinking as little as one cup of coffee per […]

Coffee and chronic fatigue

B boy at the Gaire site talks about his chronic tiredness, and suspects the 5 cups of coffee before 2pm are to blame. He lists some of his symptoms of adrenal fatigue. 1. Excessive fatigue and exhaustion, chronic fatigue 2. Non-refreshing sleep 3. Sleep disturbance, insomnia

Giving up coffee for runners

SpeedyGeoff is an Australian-based blog about running. In the post below he discusses that while there is some help coffee can give to runners, there are a number of benefits to giving up. He also plays his system by giving up and then having a coffee just before a race, to get extra benefits.