How giving up coffee can make you a millionaire

Now this may sound a bit far-fetched, but believe me, the math on this adds up.

This works by the magic of compound interest, whereby you reinvest your savings over a long period of time. As your savings grow over time, this compounds into bigger savings, which then earn increasing amounts of interest each year.

To reach over a million dollars, you would need to be already spending around $7 a day (every day) on coffee. For many people that’s realistic if they’re buying 2 coffees a day.

After one year that’s $2,555. If you invest what you would be spending and get a return of 7% for 50 years you will end up with $1,111,389.

$127,750 of that will be your own contributions (that you would be spending on coffee), but $983,639 would be earned on interest!

The key variables are

  1. how much you spend per year on coffee
  2. the interest rate or return you are getting
  3. how long you are getting interest for

If you feel these figures are not realistic for you then note that even $3 per day at 7% interest becomes 233,902 after 40 years.

It’s worth pointing out that all these calculations are in today’s dollars. You will still need to allow for inflation.

To work out what works for yourself there are lots of compound interest calculators online, but you can see a really simple one with a great visualisation on the Australian government’s Money Smart website.

Alternatives to Coffee: Yerba mate

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How coffee makes you fat and wrinkled

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Does coffee contain fungus?

Cynthia Pasquella writes an entertaining post about why and how she gave up coffee. Many of the reasons why are pretty standard, particularly around the stress it causes the body, and how it impairs digestion and increases blood pressure. One thing that stood out for us though is the mould, or fungus that can be contained […]

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Fruity alternatives to starting the day

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You won’t miss coffee as much as you think

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9 drinks that help when giving up coffee

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Why does coffee give me the jitters?

The caffeine in coffee can effect people in different ways, particularly depending on your size, gender and metabolism. Many people experience ‘jitters’ which to some people is exciting, and others is scary.  It can happen when someone has consumed too much coffee, and sometimes when people are experiencing withdrawal symptoms. For some people it can […]

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Give up coffee for Lent

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Jerry Seinfeld’s secret for sticking to something

Jerry Seinfeld once gave a great motivational tip on how to stick to something. When he was a fledgling comic he would sometimes feel making little progress, but knew that he had to stick to writing jokes every day, day-in day-out.

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Going cold turkey: headaches but ‘most definitely’ worth it

Scott Longden is from Melbourne, Australia and on a journey ‘from Fatman to Ironman’. He is in the process of ‘removing the crap’ from his diet, so decided to give up coffee. The trigger was when he couldn’t have his normal daily routine of around 5 cups and had a massive headache by the end […]

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