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How coffee affects your energy levels

It is a myth that caffeine in coffee gives you energy. In reality it just gives you chemical stimulation. The perceived ‘energy’ comes from the body’s struggle to adapt to increased blood levels of stress hormones. While there is a short-term ‘lift’, caffeine’s ultimate effect is a letdown. Below, various experts talk about what caffeine is actually doing […]

5 ways to stay alert without coffee has a great list of ways to remain energetic and alert without coffee: 1. A low starch diet2. Eat small meals throughout the day3. Start your day with an enzymatic fruit.4. The Power of H2O5. Avoid sugary snacks

Why does caffeine make me sleepy?

Coffee is traditionally thought of as a pick-me-up, but many people find that it can actually make them feel tired. Caffeine seems to affect people in different ways, but overall there are 3 main reasons this happens.