Does coffee contain fungus?

Cynthia Pasquella writes an entertaining post about why and how she gave up coffee.

Many of the reasons why are pretty standard, particularly around the stress it causes the body, and how it impairs digestion and increases blood pressure.

One thing that stood out for us though is the mould, or fungus that can be contained in coffee:

Oh, and by the way, there’s something hidden in that cup of Joe that you might not want to know about…MOLD.  Yep, most commercial grade coffee contains fungus in the form of dangerous mycotoxins.  These are secondary metabolites of mold that carry toxic effects and give your roast that bitter taste. These fungi can cause a host of issues including kidney disease, immune dysfunction, nervous system disorder and even carcinogenic effects.

Cynthia doesn’t mention a source for this but a quick search found this article about how to find mycotoxin-free coffee.

Our best suggestion to avoid mycotoxins in coffee is not to drink any coffee!


  1. Judy Griffin says:

    I would love to give up coffee but how is the problem. Every where I go and many of my friends drink it.

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