Reasons why you should give up coffee

The following articles list the benefits to giving up coffee. Coffee effects us physically, mentally and emotionally, but everyone has a slightly different experience.

Coffee is the world’s most popular psychoactive drug, but most people don’t know how much they are consuming. Caffeine in food and drinks is addictive yet completely unregulated, It is often hidden in food and drinks, yet contributes to palpitations, panic attacks, hypoglycemia, gastritis, fatigue, insomnia and PMS. We also need to understand the role of caffeine in cardiovascular disease, anxiety, depression, gastrointestinal disorders and women’s health.

There is often a caffeine connection to hyperactivity, learning and behaviour disorders, cancer, heart disease, ulcers, headaches, allergies, birth defects and more.

Set out below are all articles explaining Reasons why you should give up coffee.

What’s the buzz on caffeine?

By Suzie Ferrie The most popular addictive drug available in Australia right now is 1, 3, 7-trimethylxanthine. Let’s call it 137TX until we can come up with something catchier.

How coffee makes you fat and wrinkled

There are so many health reasons to give up coffee, but today we’re going to simply appeal to your vanity.

Does coffee contain fungus?

Cynthia Pasquella writes an entertaining post about why and how she gave up coffee. Many of the reasons why are pretty standard, particularly around the stress it causes the body, and how it impairs digestion and increases blood pressure.

You won’t miss coffee as much as you think

Shavonne at Lovin the healthy life has a great inspirational post written one week after giving up coffee. The method she used, which is one we very much agree with, was to cut down to one per day before giving up completely.

Why does coffee give me the jitters?

The caffeine in coffee can effect people in different ways, particularly depending on your size, gender and metabolism.

Quit coffee to avoid diabetes

On Diabetes Health, Lynn Cuny talks about some of the changes she has made to her diet to ward off diabetes. Due to her American Indian genes and predisposition she was more susceptible to diabetes but she promised her uncle, who had diabetes, that she would do everything she could to avoid diabetes. She always […]

Give up coffee to lose weight

In a recent survey by Life Time Fitness, nearly half of the 2,300 respondents said they would give up coffee to lose 10 pounds. The press release also suggests that high doses of caffeine ‘and lifestyle stresses’ also hinder weight loss, and are proven to be ineffective for long-term weight loss results.

Quitting coffee can improve your palate

Mel Johnson is a Yogi who gave up coffee 10 years ago. She doesn’t say how but the yogis view of cause and effect helped explain how drinking cause caused her to be up all night.

Jim Carrey says world is ‘insane’ on caffeine

Whatever your views about his, Jim Carrey talks a lot of sense about how cutting back on coffee can help a healthier and saner lifestyle. A lot of it has to do with living more healthily. I’ve eliminated wheat, dairy products and sugar from my diet because they make me less clear. I’ve also cut way […]

How coffee affects your energy levels

It is a myth that caffeine in coffee gives you energy. In reality it just gives you chemical stimulation. The perceived ‘energy’ comes from the body’s struggle to adapt to increased blood levels of stress hormones. While there is a short-term ‘lift’, caffeine’s ultimate effect is a letdown. Below, various experts talk about what caffeine is actually doing […]