43 Things helps you give up coffee

43 Things is a fantastic site that helps you set and share goals, and work with others to achieve them. You can get advice from others who have already achieved that goal, or get the support of a members of a community who are in a similar position.

The page for ‘give up coffee’ currently has 42 people wanting to give up coffee, and there are great pieces of advice on how people have achieved it.

After thinking about giving coffee up for 3weeks I went to a retreat for 5days and there was no coffee, I used the time to cleanse my body and detox, I drank only water and herbel tea,for the 5days,it was not easy but I did it and feel better for it.


  1. I gave up a week ago. I don’t miss all the extra trips to the bathroom and peeing all morning until noon every 1/2 hour. It was killing my bladder and my kidneys. I just couldn’t do this anymore, after all, do I want to end up wearing depends!? just because I couldn’t give it up?
    I have replaced it with MACO, it comes in a powder. I boil water and stir in a teaspoon in my normal looking coffee cup and add the same amount of soy milk I had before in the coffee. That way I have some of the same routine, I have fooled myself into thinking it was a nice warm drink when I woke up LIKE coffee. Maca is good for you and found in the health food stores. It’s expensive but so is coffee! Comparatively it’s about the same price. Look up Maca and discover the health benefits. It’s full of extra energy boost too.

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