Give up coffee to lose weight

In a recent survey by Life Time Fitness, nearly half of the 2,300 respondents said they would give up coffee to lose 10 pounds.

The press release also suggests that high doses of caffeine ‘and lifestyle stresses’ also hinder weight loss, and are proven to be ineffective for long-term weight loss results.

In fact I believe that by giving up coffee most people could easily lose 10 pounds.

The first obvious saving would be all the milk and sugars that accompany your coffee.

Secondly a lot of people consume treats such as cakes or desserts with their coffee. Even if you don’t consume some sugar with right with your coffee, caffeine contributes to a blood sugar high which in turn produces sugar cravings.

For many people coffee is part of the daily energy rollercoaster whereby they consume sugar and coffee to give them another lift every few hours. Once you give up coffee it’s easier to cut down on your sugar intake.

Finally coffee contributes to lethargy, overall fatigue and even depression that can reduce your motivation to get exercising. Once you give up coffee it’s easier to exercise.

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